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Rate My Hotel is a service for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry. Our goal is to help you provide the best service possible. Take advantage of Rate My Holiday and find out how your guests evaluate their stay.

Private feedback

Collect anonymous private feedback during the checkout process. The results are only visible to you.

We know that you like to keep your guests happy! Let us help you collect honest feedback in order to methodically improve your services and increase customer satisfaction.

Your way

Ask the questions you want by taking advantage of Rate My Holiday's private nature.

You can add and remove questions on demand and modify your questionnaire as often as you like. You have full control and you can thus focus on the areas that matter most.

With measurable results

Track your progress and guest satisfaction over time. Identify regressions early and take swift action.

Rate My Holiday provides you with daily statistics and summary reports that help you assess your improvement efforts.


Take advantage of your 90-day free trial to explore our ever expanding list of features


Latest information about your account


Control the questions your guests see


Review your overall statistics

Getting started

Using our platform is easy and straightforward

  • Step 1

    Login to your account

    Log in using Facebook or Google, or create a new account, and start your no-obligation 90-day trial

  • Step 2

    Select your questions

    Select the questions you would like to ask your guests from a list of predefined categories like rooms, breakfast and overall service. Focus on what is important to you

  • Step 3

    Setup a collection device

    You can opt in to use either our Android app or Web browser or if you prefer to send out the questionnaire to your guests via email. You can choose whichever option works for you!

  • Step 4

    Gather the feedback

    Start collecting feedback during the checkout process or via email. It is simple and lasts less than a minute.

  • Step 5

    Study the results

    Look at our reports and pat yourself on the back or start thinking about improvements. Look for longer-term trends and detect regressions early

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