Terms Of Use (Last updated: 2017-10-04)


The text presented on this page includes all necessary information for the Terms & Conditions of using the services provided by ratemy.holiday. We have currently identified three different types of users: (a) anonymous visitors, from now on referred to as the Visitor, (b) registered users, from now on referred to as the User and (c) property guests, from now on referred to as the Guest. Usage of this website means that all Users, Guests and Anonymous Visitors must agree and comply with the “Terms and Conditions” listed on this page, as well as read and agree with the information presented in the “Use of Cookies” and “Privacy Information” sections of this website. Ratemy.holiday, from now on referred to as the Service, must also comply with these “Terms & Conditions”.


The Service will continue its operation for as long as the all current paid subscriptions are valid.

The Service retains the right to terminate a subscription. Reasons that may cause the termination of a subscription or cancellation of a whole account may include but are not limited to: (a) the account information is purposely incomplete or faulty, (b) the payments occurred via a method that was or currently is suspected to be fraudulent, (c) the Service is used or exploited in a malicious way or in a way that attempts to harm other users of the Service or (d) the content or information added in the Service have been reported to conflict with the law in any way.


At any case of a technical or other problem, of a specific User account the Service retains the right to change the password of the User in order to regain access to the account or in order to solve any technical problem or presentation of information or in general solve any problem of the service provided towards this User. However if such a change occurs without the User been informed in advanced then the User should immediately contact the Service in order to check the validity of the change and to make sure that it does not comprise an attack from a third party.

In addition Users are responsible for the proper use of their account and for properly logging off from the system. If the User, by supplying the email/password to any third party, compromises the information presented in their account, or their account suffers unwanted changes or malfunctions the Service cannot be held responsible.


The Service retains the right to alter and/or temporarily or permanently suspend part or all of the services provided. If such a decision has been made the Service retains the right to not accept any new subscriptions. The Service will inform its current Users about the change and will stop offering its services to the subscribers by not allowing new subscriptions to be created. In any such case the Service cannot be held responsible or liable for any business, financial or any other type of loss.


The Service cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by negligence or by any malicious attempt by a third party. On the other hand, if the Service comes across any case of miss-usage or improper operation, it should try to correct any problems as soon as possible and with minimum damage to its Visitors/Users/Guests.

Apart from that all services are provided “AS IS” to the Visitors/Users/Guests and with no guarantee for fully proper operation or availability of the service.


The Service retains the right to change the “Terms & Conditions” presented, by informing all Visitors/Users/Guests via the present page. Finally, the Service retains the right to deny providing its services to Visitors/Users/Guests if not doing so would compromise its best interests.